HCD course curriculum for Digiskills

Digiskills is an e-learning platform which offers microlearning courses on topics related to digital literacy, mostly targeted at corporate employees. Together with the group which organised Brno’s Global Service Jam 2017, we designed the curriculum for the new HCD course.

  • Activities – discussion over the project brief, planning and executing a workshop together with the client, putting together the structure for an online microlearning course
  • Deliverables – the structure of the course, source materials, outline of the content of the videos
  • Outcome – The course is now in production and should be launched this year.
  • Project duration – Nov 2017-Jan 2018
  • Team – Five designers (Míša, Maruška, Petr, Josef and me) & three members of Digiskills

The process

The goal was to develop a detailed structure of the curriculum so that the respective videos could be made according to it. After receiving the initial brief, it was clear we had to clear up some questions regarding the course, such as who is the target group, why do they need the course, what will set it apart from other Czech HCD courses available in Czech, and how will we ensure that the course will be sustainable. We used a shared document to lay out the questions and then discussed them in person with Digiskills.

After clearing up the brief, we planned a workshop in which we would design the curriculum together with Digiskills. Our role was to facilitate the workshop and bring in our HCD knowledge, while Digiskills brought their microlearning expertise and stakeholder view into the room. Over the course of one morning, we mapped the needs of the users which then served as the basis for brainstorming over the curriculum. Afterwards, we categorised the ideas and created the outline of the course. After the workshop, Digiskills said that it also helped them realise once again what where their users’ needs and how could they meet them.

The outcome

Following the workshop, we spent several more hours further elaborating and refining the structure of the course, using a wide range of materials – articles, Tweets, books and videos. The final documents, which included the list of the videos, their content and sources for each video, was then given to Digiskills, approximately two months after the start of the cooperation. Currently, the videos are being recorded and they should become available in the upcoming months over at the Digiskills website.

One thing I learned…

One thing I learned in this project was that even though two months might seem like a short time, a lot can be accomplished if all parties in the project are sufficiently prepared for this. In addition, this was the first time I had the chance to design a workshop and another opportunity to further hone my facilitation skills.