Hi! I’m Tereza and I’m a service designer and user researcher.

I combine my up-to-date awareness of the service design landscape, practical experience from service design projects, and expertise from a tech startup in my approach to design.

Design in the public and third sector is my passion. I believe that service design has the capacity to empower both others and ourselves – especially in areas that touch the lives of us all.

Want to hear how I got here?



User research & design mentoring for Konica Minolta

At the beginning of the year, House of Řezáč and Konica Minolta join forces to implement design into their development process, starting with redesigning a portal their customers use to manage their printers. I am the Lead User Researcher in the project and also in charge of design mentoring for the core project team at Konica Minolta.


Volunteering at OneTeamGov Global

I am lucky enough to be able to go to the OneTeamGov Global unconference. While supporting the event as a volunteer, I attend the various sessions on government design and also get to meet some lovely folks from both the UK and abroad.


Mentoring at Dundee GovJam 2018

After jamming in the Czech Republic for the last two years, I supported the Dundee GovJam and its lovely organisers as a mentor. Having the chance to go abroad for the Jam and see what are the differences was a highlight of this year for me. Find out more about the jam.


Workshop mentoring for the CIDES project

The CIDES project aims to teach design thinking and service design methods to librarians in order to encourage libraries to implement social innovations. I was the one of the mentors of the incubator programme of the project which helps the librarians design a new library service. The team’s goal was to make the library space more accessible to vulnerable users, such as young mothers or disabled people.


Service Design Course for Erasmus students

Together with my fellow alumni Roman and Pavla, and under the guidance of Laďka Z. Suchá, we returned to our university to teach a series of service design workshops to two Erasmus students. The course covered all phases of the design process from research to prototyping. The students were given a design challenge by the library (How might we make library services more useful to Erasmus students?) which they solved over the four workshops and then presented their solution to the stakeholders.


HCD course for Digiskills

Together with the team who organised the two Brno service jams, we design a curriculum for an online HCD course.

Read more about the project.


House of Řezáč

After graduating university, my schedule frees up a bit, so I join one of the Czech Republic’s best-known digital agencies as a Junior User Researcher to gain more experience in design. Initially, I help out with user testing and review the materials and slides for a user research workshop we are running.


Master’s Thesis on ethical aspects of service design

After 6 months of literature reviews, interviews, writing and rewriting and consultations with my supervisor, I turn in my thesis. Ethics in design doesn’t let me go anyway.

Read more about my thesis here.


Service Design in Government 2017

Thanks to a school stipendium, I am able to revisit the Service Design in Government conference. I make new friends, recruit participants for my thesis interviews, and learn about the Scottish approach to service design which perfectly overlaps with my own view of service design.


Global Service Jam

After successfully jamming the year before, we scale up the jam to 30 participants and act as both organisers and facilitators who support the other participants in the design process.

Read more about the jam here.



After nine months of researching and prototyping, we turn in the report for out first year project. The design challenge was to come up with a way of offering courses on topics related to Library and Information Science, since there has been significant demand for them by the public. Throughout the project, we struggle with defining our target groups and the sustainability of the project, as well as managing a longer project and a team of 7 people.  However, we are able to run several prototype courses and gather feedback that can be later used in case the department wishes to carry on with the project.


Global GovJam 2016

Inspired by the Service Design in Government conference, we decide to put Brno on the Global GovJam map. In just 48 hours, we create a prototype of a new government service together with another team who decided to join us.

Read more about the jam.


Service Design in Government 2016

Thanks to funding from the university, I am able to attend the Service Design in Government conference. In three days, my view of design is completely changed, as I learn about how it can be applied in the public sector and about the movement surrounding it.


IS Design

I take a Service Design course in my first year. Our team picks a design challenge focused on helping new students get acquainted with Masaryk University’s information system, since they often struggle to start using it. We go through the design process in three months, delivering several short video tutorials that help students complete the tasks they will need to do in the first semester, such as signing up for classes and exams.


Restaurant patios

The city of Brno is planning to change the rules of applying for a restaurant patio permit and need to communicate the change to restaurant owners. Initially, they ask KISK and its students to help with communicating the change, but we soon find out this was a completely different design challenge…

Read more about this project in my portfolio.


Service Design at KISK

I start my Master’s studies and when I have the chance to pick a specialisation, I go for service design. I spend the next two years learning about design its methods and tools, and UX which I originally came to study suddenly becomes a small part of design thinking and human-centred design. As I learn about innovation and social enterprises, design becomes part of a bigger picture.


Interviews for the Faculty of Arts

During summer break, I get the chance to do research for the website redesign of the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University. Under the mentorship of Laďka Z. Suchá, one of my teachers, I conduct interviews with students who will start attending university that fall. Afterwards, I synthesise the research findings and pass them to the agency that is leading the redesign.


Bachelor’s thesis on the design of small websites

My undergraduate studies are finished after three years. My Bachelor’s thesis is focused on the design of small websites. I do interviews with Czech webdesigners and ask them about how do they deal with projects that are limited by time or budget. I find out they use templates and their expertise to cut down costs. Two years later, Twitter starts talking about templates and AI and how they might be the future of small websites.


Started studying at KISK

After two years of wallowing in misery while studying in History, I decide I need a change. I start studying Information and Library Science at KISK, because I want to become a UX designer. In the following three years, I learn about libraries, information technology, social media, design and innovation. For the first time in my life, I feel like I’m in a place that can connect all of my interests and skills, with people who are talented in so many different areas.


Content Coordinator at Sygic Travel

Mostly by chance, I am offered to lead the content editor team at my job. It also means taking on customer support duties. In the next five years, I get to try out everything we do at the company – from product management to programming. I also learn how to assemble and lead a team, hire people, give them feedback, and how to let them go when they don’t prove to be a good fit. Most of all, I know what it feels like to take pride in one’s work.



I attend the biggest web conference in the Czech Republic and hopelessly fall in love with the spark conferences provide, which will prove important five years later.


Content Editor at Sygic Travel

At the end of my first year at university, I join a little startup called Sygic Travel (then Tripomatic) as a Content Editor, supplying it with fresh travel content from all over the world. Little do I know that what was originally supposed to be a summer job will turn into 6 years’ stay.


History studies at Masaryk University

History has been my passion ever since high school, and having the opportunity to study it at university significantly shaped me as a person. Unfortunately, I soon discovered I wasn’t made for traditional academia, which made me apply for a different field of study and never pursue an MA.



Together with Pavel, we design and launch the first Czech website focused on bringing Pokémon news from original Japanese sources to the Czech Republic. The website keeps running for the next five years, bringing news on both the games and the anime with a staff of only two people.


Website design

Between 2010 and 2013, I design several small websites. Most of them have disappeared off the internet now, but Japan Center Brno is still available.


Digital art

One of my artist friends prompts me to start drawing, too. The hobby lasts more than ten years and eventually branches into illustration, vector art and website design.


Light coding on online forums

12-year-old me wanted to have those neat CSS avatars like all the cool kids did – so she had to learn how HTML and CSS works. It was a small thing, but it meant I understood how website were made.