I’m Tereza and I design services. User research is my specialty, but I can navigate around the entire design process and help others go through it, too.

I believe that service design and design thinking should champion openness and collaboration – values that I hold dear in my life, too – and in turn, empower all of us. Sustainability, social justice and ethics are important to me, and so is making sure that the work I do is aligned with these values.

As for my background, I come from the Czech Republic, but thanks to studying various languages and having friends from all over the world, a lot of countries feel like home to me.

When I’m not designing, I read books, watch movies or attend one of the many cultural events in Brno with my friends – be it a launch party for a magazine of the local arts college or one of the many electronic music parties. I also do taichi and try to commute by bike as much as I can.

I love to travel, not just because of my first job. Sometimes, this means taking a short trip with my friends to the Czech countryside, sometimes it means visiting my friends abroad and exploring their city together, and sometimes, it means catching a plane to London to see a play with one of my favourite actors. The funny thing is that I’m actually terrified of flying – but sometimes, you just have to be patient with your fear and not let it stop you from the good things in life.